Areas of Competence

Experts at SSF collectively bring high-performance and diverse experience acquired in challenging assignments undertaken and join many client organizations and businesses together to meet the challenges as one team with clear vision, mission, cost effective strategies, inspired innovation, appropriate skills acquisition, client responsive systems, networking and right scaling.  A few of our main areas of competence are:

  • Research and Social Development
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Large Scale Survey
  • Management Systems Development
  • Capacity Building & Skills Development
  • Project Management

Our Esteemed Clients

SSF and its experts have conducted/ implemented many projects by now across India for prominent International Funding & Development Agencies, NGOs, Central Government, State Governments, and Private Sector Organizations.

SSF has conducted/implemented around 18 studies in socio-economic development sector during the last three years. The list of assignments, name of the client and their duration/year of implementation have been provided under the head ‘Projects’.  Some of our esteemed clients are as under:

  • World Vision India
  • ISEC Bangalore
  • NCAER, New Delhi
  • UP Social Welfare Board
  • Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG)
  • Micronutrient initiative India (MII)
  • IHAT 

Prominent Clients Serviced by our Experts

The experts rendering or available for SSF projects have served several Central Government Departments and / or served also many clients through their services rendered in various Private Organization(s).  They have been part of the countries largest Government/ Non- Government Surveys/ Census bodies like NSSO, RGI, MOHFW, CSO, IIPS, DST, ICMR, DGE&T etc. Some of the prominent clients serviced by these experts are given as under:

  • International Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS)
  • Registrar General of India (RGI)
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW)
  • All Central Government Departments
  • Population Foundation of India
  • ICMR, CSO, DST, DGET etc. (for themselves)
  • MII
  • GEAG
  • ISEC Bangalore
  • World Vision India
  • NCAER, New Delhi